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CFR2610 Convertible
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The Stoll CFR2610 Convertible loudspeaker system unifies 12 drivers in its ported enclosure. One CFR 2610 is driven three way active with power totalling up to 3kW. Lower and middle frequency dispersion is controlled with APT Acoustic Pixel Technology. This APT is represented by ten drivers in their respective configuration. Because of the longer wavelengths, the closely mounted drivers form together one coherent source with the desired dispersion. The smaller wavelengths of the highs are radiated by two specialized mid-to-high frequency systems. The Stoll CFR 2610 can be switched to either dispersion mode, line or point, by interchanging the cable connecting box called TM Transfer Module mounted on the backside of the loudspeaker.

Each Stoll CFR 2610 comes fitted with two modules: One TMP for point source operation and one TML for the line. Changing the Transfer Modules and choosing the appropriate DSP-setup prepares the speakers to their work. So their dispersion characteristic is changed fundamentally. In the SLA line mode, Stoll recommends using at least five CFR 2610 to get excellent results. However, there are setups for a lesser number of elements which can bring very good results on certain circumstances, too.

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